history of Tsoukas Bros

For more than a century, the history of fur worldwide is closely linked with one name: Tsoukas Bros and Sons S.A.
The company was found in 1961 by the brothers Christos and Stergios Tsoukas, in New York, and it managed to be a popular company concerning the selling of the fur clothes at the most popular shopping centers of the world.
Having as a guide the family tradition from Kastoria city, a tradition that was transmitted by the father Apostolos Tsoukas to his children, the Tsoukas brothers, in a very early age and in combination with their studies to the NY PRATT University, worked hard to the top fur industries learning the secrets of the fur industry art and unfolding their talent.

Since they managed to create their own factory and due to their inquiring minds and having already conquered the elite of America, Tsoukas Bros wanted to extend their activity also to the developing, at that date, Europe.

In order to begin to make their presence felt in Old Continent, they decided in 1965 to return back to their birthplace, the city of Kastoria. It was a great opportunity to them to introduce their products to European community by satisfying also the most demanded customers with their unique designs and the excellent quality of their furs.

This factory was initially started to work with 4-5 persons and today has a labor force of 140 specialized workers and it is separated in 3 departments: a showroom of 100 square meters, a production department of 1.500 square meters at the center of the city where the production of the top and well known clothes of Tsoukas Bros is made and of course the factory, 7 km away from the city of Kastoria, where the process of the raw materials that come in an untanned form from Russia and America, is made.

It should be mentioned that every stage of process, even today, passes by the control of the eyes and the hands of the Tsoukas Brothers in order to check and secure the quality in every detail.