Tsoukas Bros. and Sons is a family business founded by two brothers: Christos and Steven Tsoukas who continues their family tradition of fur craft going back 10 generations to their ancestors who were ones of the first fur experts in Greece. With talents inherited from generations of ancestors through hard work and strong will Tsoukas Brothers created a business that is rightfully recognised today as the best company in the word in the manufacture of mink and sable garments.

Being born in Kastoria, Greece the brothers moved to NY with their parents at the age of ten. Children of their age were learning how to ride a bicycle when Steve and Chris were learning how to work furs at their father’s workshop.

By the time the brothers started their education at NY PRATT University they were also working at one of NY fur companies mastering fur techniques and learning the secrets of the fur trade. Back then in the 60-s NY was the fur capital of the world: it was the leader in fur fashion, fur manufacturing and processing of fur pelts. The fur district of NY occupied 5 streets and had over 1000 companies engaged in the trade.Sharing time between the university and the workshop the brothers have also achieved a lot in sports: in 1968 they became the Olympic champions in weight lifting.

Having mastered the talents of the fur craft Chris and Steve have become so skilled at the art of making fur garments that one day (while still being in their …twenties) they found themselves the highest paid fur technicians in the whole of New York. Their level of skill was so high that when the company they have been working for was about to split in two (the two owners were going to separate) one of the owners said that his partner could take all but leave him the Tsoukas Brothers – that is how much sure he was that he was destined for success if the brothers chose to stay with him.

After a short while though the brothers came to the conclusion that they had learned everything they could possibly learn about the fur trade in NY and had gained all the experience they could possibly get working for others and the conclusion was that now it was time to go back to the homeland of Kastoria and enjoy their lives. With the capitals the two brothers earned by that time they could enjoy their lives without having to work, but being used to work and having the love for fur in their hearts they could not live comfortable but idle lives and decided to start their own company where they could use all the experience that they had gained over the years. One of the most advanced techniques at that time in the United Stated was the let-out technique for mink coats while Kastorian furriers were still putting coats together from small pieces of fur – they were still making a decent living with this old techniques but Tsoukas new that the future of Kastoria was with another technique and they wanted to share it with their countrymen. But the unknown technique got the local fur community startled and they were quite opposed to the novelties the Tsoukas wanted to start using. The reaction of Kastoria was quite emotional too, the Tsoukas family was basically boycotted and reminded every step of the way that they were not welcome back in Kastoria.

The brothers were however not so easy to frightened away and they stood their ground in trying to persuade the local furriers that there was no harm in the new and continued their production. As years passed by Tsoukas Bros. company started to get more and more orders from the most prestigious customers and the Kastorians seeing the quality of their garments and the ever-growing success warmed up to the brothers and little by little started accepting the let-out technique which is nowadays number one technique in making high quality garments. Tsoukas Bros. company was always after the best they could do for their customers.
However, when in 1987 the company was joined by the sons of Chris and Steve: Paul and Akis – the brothers founded their own dressing plant and the company was renamed into Tsoukas Bros. & Sons. For a final consumer it can be interesting to know that it is the dressing of furs that gives you a light-weight garment, its correct implementation ensures that your garment will serve you for years and years, it will allow the fur expert to work with fur as if it were regular fabric thanks to the elasticity of the leather side of a fur skin – in a way without good dressing there is no a high quality garment. And Tsoukas Bros. is one of the very few companies in the world today that dresses fur pelts for their coats at their own dressing plant thus ensuring the top quality for their customers.

Despite the fact that it’s been a long time since the business has been running very smoothly and prosperously the brothers have never stopped even for a day their direct involvement in the process of making fur garments. Every coat literally goes through their hands and is inspected by their eye – the only way the founders believe quality can be preserved and the prestige of the brand reinforced. That is also the reason why the production has not been increased for the last few decades- it is not only that the brothers do not want to let the family secret in coat manufacturing out but also they cannot afford to lose personal control over the quality which really stands them apart from most of the other fur manufacturers in the world.

As of today Tsoukas Bros. is the supplier of the most prestigious fur saloons in New York, Paris, Milano, Zurich, Geneva. 5th Avenue, St.Honore, Montenapoleone – on any of these streets you can see coats made by Tsoukas Bros. Historically it became that Tsoukas Bros. always used only the best furs for their coats, that is American Legend and Blackglama brands in mink and Russian sable. In the fur world Tsoukas Bros. is the recognized leader in the manufacture of Blackglama and sable garments. The authenticity of Blackglama in the coats of Tsoukas Bros. company is officially certified by American Legend Company the exclusive distributor of Blackglama in the world and the top quality of sables is guaranteed by Souzpushnina auction house in St.Petersburg the biggest distributor of Russian sables in the world.

So, if you are looking for a really high quality and prestige in a mink or sable garment Tsoukas Bros. is the brand that will guarantee you all that. Family tradition, hard work, honesty to the customer have always helped the family to stay on top of the fur fashion scene.